16mm 110amp

Tri rated 16mm 110amp cable

Tri rated 16mm 110amp cable commonly used for automotive purposes is also designed for use inside small electrical devices,  As a result, this particular cable has applications in most industries.

The name Tri-Rated comes from the fact that the cable meets the specification of three separate Industry standards.

You may also find this referred to as H07V2-K, Bs 6231 cable or Panel wire.

 Tri rated cable Construction

Conductor: Flexible plain annealed copper conductors

Sheath: Circular high temperature PVC outer sheath in a large range of colours of which we stock 6,These are:



We purchase from a number of Tri rated cable suppliers and that shades may vary from differing manufacturers.


Voltage Rating: 600/1000 volts

Temperature Limits: -30°C to +105°C

Size sqmm    Nominall Overall Diamater

16mm                 9mm

** Cut lengths of cable come coiled and not on reels**

***Cable size is in mm² and describes the total cross sectional area of the copper conductor.  You will often see cable described as 1mm or 2mm cable without the ² sign. It is important to note that this does not refer to the diameter of the cable. The outer diameter is a completely different measurement.

In order to avoid confusion  just remember that the main specification for a cable will be its conductor’s cross-sectional area and that the cable will never be referred to by its diameter alone.

All of our adverts detail the cable size in mm² and the corresponding outer diameters,  However; If in doubt just drop us a message***

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